Every Regan Family Dinner From “Blue Bloods”

Every Regan Family Dinner From “Blue Bloods”

     “Blue Bloods” is an intriguing family drama focusing on the lives of a family with a background in law enforcement. Along with intense action and gritty crime, the show focuses on the dynamics of family life. This theme is emphasized by the weekly family dinners which the members of the Regan family partake in. These dinners often serve to advance the plot and reveal character motivations. Being that the attention span of audiences grows shorter all the time however, I have taken the liberty of condensing every Regan family dinner into a single scene. Enjoy!

Jamie: “Sulky question about crime prevention with a subtle point that I’m being slighted because of my last name.”

Danny: “Some emphatic response that involves taking the law into your own hands.” (Point emphasized by jabbing the air with a fork)

Linda: “Unrelated comment that merely serves the purpose of pointing out that Danny is never home.”

–Awkward silence as all present sense tension and Linda takes another generous swig of wine–

Erin: “Politically correct response that makes Danny look like an idiot.” (Fingers intertwined to prove superiority)

Pop: “Back in my day we blew our noses with the pages from law books and extended political favors to our friends.”

Frank: “Withering response that sends Pop back to his corner.”

Easily Replaceable Son #1: “Conveniently similar situation that happened at school.”

Easily Replaceable Son #2: “Yeah.”

Nicki: “Legal sounding response to remind everyone that I’m the daughter of the DA.”

Frank: “Agreement with my favorite grandchild. Random unrelated Roosevelt quote. Reemphasis of the fact that Pop was an inept PC.”

Pop: (Head shaking and wine sipping to show displeasure)

Linda: “Lame pun to change subject.”

–Sympathy laughter from all—

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