How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

Hi all! So recently I composed an article for The on how to write a great closing line. Here is a little snippet. If you want to read the full article, I will provide a link down below. Thanks for stopping by!

“He loved Big Brother.”

George Orwell—1984

Possibly the most famous closing line in literature, George Orwell sends home the final KO punch with this quote in his novel 1984, helping cement it as the classic dystopian novel of all time. The closing line will be the very last thing your reader’s take from your book, “the last bow” to your novel. It is therefore one of the most important pieces of writing in your entire book. The problem is, how do you come up with a killer closing line?

There are many ways one can go about this, the thing to keep in mind is this: your closing line will determine the feeling your reader’s take away from your book. Do you want to leave them satisfied? Sad? Reflective? Your closing line must be the final note they hear, that last scrape of the violin or strain of piano that they carry with them ever after in their minds. Here are some tactics to keep in mind when composing the final line of your novel:

Circling Back

Circling back is one of the best ways to end a book when you want to leave your readers satisfied with the results. There are many ways to circle back in fiction, most notably by referencing a scene or quote from the very beginning of the book. For example, let’s say your book begins with two people meeting at the park. Supposing the plot of the book focuses on the ups and downs of their relationship, ending in happy resolution, it would be very fitting to end the book by having the two characters walk hand in hand through the same park. Conversely, you could have the characters go their own separate ways, both walking away from the park. This would create a completely different mood, but still make use of the circling back concept.

Guest Post: How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

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