Book Update: “Like Melvin” Now Available!

Book Update: “Like Melvin” Now Available!

I am very pleased to announce that as of today, my first novel “Like Melvin” is available! Copies can be found on Amazon, Google Books, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and the Westbow  Press website. (Links below)

“Like Melvin” is a Christian fiction book targeted to young adults. You can find a brief description of the book below:

What if your dream come true turns into a nightmare? That is the crisis Jack Thomson must face when he gets the chance to star in a new medieval TV show. What appears at first to be the opportunity of a lifetime dissolves into a labyrinth of secrets and deception when he discovers a dark conspiracy at play in the studio. Now Jack is in a race against time to discover the truth before his future is destroyed forever. Along the way, he must come to grips with his own dark past and a God who might prove to be his only salvation.

This marks an important milestone for myself as a writer, and I hope it inspires you to pursue all of your writing goals. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but trust me: there’s nothing like holding a fresh copy of your own book in your hands!

I will be posting fresh updates as I continue on my writing journey, as well as sharing tips I picked up along the way. Please feel free to comment on the status of your own writing project, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

–Jonathan Vars–

Jonathan Vars is a Christian fiction writer from New England, and founder of the writing website His latest novel Like Melvin is currently available on Amazon and Google Books. In addition to writing, Jonathan enjoys running, hiking, and trying not to freeze to death in the winter.

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